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New Online Forms

09 October 2015

The website now features an online form allowing users that are not registered with an e-ID to submit an FOI request.  This form is accessible from the right hand side menu under the title "Submit an FOI Request".  The application will automatically reach the generic email address of the Public Authority that was selected in the process of submitting the request.

It is to be noted that identification details are still to be submitted and they will be verified by the Public Authority receiving the request.  

Subsequent  complaints on submitted requests that have been processed can also be made online.  Users should note that the complaints online form is accessible by scrolling further down the request online form.  When submitting a complaint it is important for users to carefully reproduce the identification details originally submitted, the reference number of the original request as well as the Public Authority that had processed it.

For any clarification on how to submit an online request please contact the Freedom of Information Co-ordinating Unit at the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties on or via telephone on 20908311.



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