Request For Direct Credit

To request direct credit you must have available the following information: Your taxpayer reference, your Identity Card document number, and refund payment reference.
Taxpayer Reference    
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International Bank Account Number (IBAN) Click for Help    
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If you wish to be notified with all correspondence from the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue, including statements, through electronic means kindly submit the following information:
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The below field is to be filled in only if you are married.
Email Address for Spouse    
I hereby declare that all the information given above is, to the best of my knowledge, correct and complete. I hereby confirm that I understand that if any of the information provided above is incorrect or given with the intention to defraud the Office of the Commissioner For Revenue, I shall be liable to charges in terms of the provisions of Part IX of the Income Tax Management Act (Chapter 372 of the Laws of Malta).

I hereby agree that if there were to be any changes to the account number provided above, I shall notify the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue with immediate effect.

I hereby authorise the Commissioner for Revenue to verify with the relative Bank that I am the actual beneficial owner of the bank account provided on this application.